Self Defense Tips – How to Use Pepper Spray

Click Here for some expert self defense information. Self Defense Tips Sabre trainers David and also Tricia demonstrate what you need to learn about using pepper spray as a less-lethal gadget. This includes the effective range and also variety of shots per canister, the features of the spray (to include spray patterns), ending [ ]


Active Shooter Mitigation Window Film System | Campbell Security | Riot Glass

Click Here for more expert window security information. Designed to delay or hinder an energetic shooter from conveniently getting entry to an institution or business center. This IS NOT ballistic or bullet proof glass. It is numerous layers of incredibly difficult safety film as well as an accessory system to hold the broken glass in [ ]

Survival Skills 101: Home Safes and What to Put in Them for a Disaster.

Click Here for some expert information on safes. Discussing just what to place in your safe. I put this small safe into my larger secure to keep it safe. Follow my new Threat Close Blog site at Place Survival Skills 101 in your circles on Google plus at